E-bike Transalp – Biking with back wind

Exclusive program for E-Bike and E-MTB. There is nothing to stop the success story of E-Bike and E-MTBs in the alpine region. More and more bikers manage the uphill flow with electric assist. On our regular mountainbike-transalp tours pedelecs are not allowed. We do not want to mix the groups. Only on our trekking bike-transalp tours we make an exception, if previously announced. Nevertheless there are also exclusive dates for E-Bikes on our trekking bike tours as well.

During our “Bike Gourmet Dolomites” E-Bikers are welcome as well. The groups will be mixed or special groups will be offered.

To offer the perfect transalp experience for E-Bikers, we have developed an own program for E-Bike as well as for E-MTB. At the moment the website is currently available in German only. www.go-ebike.de