Sustainability – This is how we live

As a bike tour operator, sustainability has always been a priority for us. We have been traveling in the fragile ecosystem of the Alps for over 34 years and are confronted with changes on every tour.

It's a fact that an ALPS bike tour conserves natural resources and minimizes environmental impact. Cycling in general demonstrably reduces the need for motorized vehicles and thus CO2 emissions.

Sustainability with ALPS

As a provider of guided mountain bike tours through the Alps, we see ourselves as an organizer of gentle tourism in general. Environmentally friendly, protection of nature and landscape, respect for local culture and tradition.

Sustainability also plays an important role. We have been practicing this for years, not only on our tours but also in everyday life.


For us, a sustainable company is also characterized by long-term employee loyalty. Our employees are invited to contribute ideas and implement them independently. Tour and season planning is also planned and implemented in close cooperation with our team.


Lunch – we have been eating lunch together for many years and bring our own food. There is a small kitchen, and therefore no need for plastic cutlery or "to go" dishes. In this way, we help to reduce waste every day.

Munich tap water is available "free to the glass" without any plastic.


We clearly favor starting points that can be easily reached by train or Flixbus.

When choosing routes, we deliberately avoid "crisis areas and ecologically sensitive areas". Environmental aspects are always taken into account when planning our trips.


ALPS goes digital. Bookings are made online in just a few clicks. The travel confirmation/invoice is sent to the participant by e-mail. Nothing is printed anymore.

The travel documents will also be sent by e-mail.


Our ALPS catalogues can be downloaded online at any time: there have been no more printed catalogues since 2020. ALPS has also completely dispensed with flyers or other print material. We only advertise online.


Finding our hotels, we put great importance to sustainable concepts and long-term partnerships. Organic quality and regional products clearly have priority. We also consider ourselves fortunate, that we have good business relations with many companies for over 10 years.

Luggage and return transfer

Long-term, local and reliable partnerships are important to us. In this way, we strengthen the region. We also always use local luggage transportation, and therefore do not use escort vehicles. ALPS does not own a fleet of vehicles.

The return transfer takes place in a large tour bus, so that we can take several groups back to the start hotel together.


All Transalp tours can be reached comfortably by train. On request, we will try to arrange carpooling with other travelers.

During the tour

Nature is not an adventure playground for us. We want to experience nature on vacation and discover things without leaving any traces behind. This raises awareness of sustainability. Our guides inform us about changes. We leave no garbage behind – a matter of course in the mountains. We respect animals and their resting and grazing areas. We also use natural sources of drinking water.

No adrenaline rush

Peaceful movement should be the focus of our sustainable trips - and not the adrenaline rush. There should be enough time to see, hear, smell and feel on our trips.


ALPS no longer offers flight destinations.

By providing information on environmental protection and ecologically compatible behavior during the tours, participants can be sensitized and raise their awareness of environmental issues.