Questions and Answers – what else you should know

Hereinafter we have compiled the most important keywords on questions that concern our guests. If you need further information, the ALPS Biketours team will be pleased to help you personally.

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Arrival and Departure

How do I get to and from my starting point?

The arrival and departure must be planned independently to and from the starting point of the tours. If you arrive by train you are requested to inform yourself in time about bicycle carriage. Usually bicycle carriage must be registered beforehand. After the tour you will be brought back to your starting point. From here, departure must be planned independently.

On the time specified in your travel documents, your guide will inform you about the most important facts of your tour and a welcome drink will be served.

Registration and Support

When should I book?

The earlier the better. If you decide early, you can choose your preferred date. There are also no price advantages for late bookers. In addition, the anticipation is prolonged, and that is known to be almost as beautiful as the trip itself…

Do I travel alone?

Solo travelers are welcome with us. In some cases, solo travelers even form the largest part of the group. Since reserving single rooms for just one night is often difficult, we welcome anyone sharing a double room with a fellow traveler. Of course, men and women stay among themselves.


Do I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit in the amount of 15% of the total trip price is due at the finalization of the contract. The remaining invoice amount is due four weeks ahead of your journey. Please note, that from booking confirmation cancellation fees apply according to our terms and conditions.


What is the optimal equipment for my tour?

This question cannot be answered in a few words. But fortunately, our tours have luggage transport. With the travel confirmation you will receive a customer login. In this exclusive download area, you will find specific information about the trip and the detailed equipment list with the most important things that you should definitely have in your luggage.

Do I need to take tools with me?

With the travel documents you will receive checklists for spare parts, tools and equipment. All these things you should have in your daily luggage. In case of breakdowns, our guides are happy to help. They also know all the stores and bike shops along the way, and their phone numbers. Nevertheless, it is absolutely necessary to have your bike checked thoroughly before you leave! Special spare parts, such as a derailleur hanger or suitable brake pads, must absolutely be in the daily luggage.

Do I have to wear a bicycle helmet on the road?

Helmets are mandatory on all our tours.


I would like to get advice. Who can help?

You have questions about the route, climate, level or accommodation? Call us or write us an email! We know every kilometer of the tours from our own "experience".

You can reach us at +49 (0)89 1250 3683-0, Monday to Thursday from 10:00 - 12:00 am and from 02:00 - 05:00 pm, and Friday from 10:00 am - 03:00 pm. Inquiries by e-mail to

Bike / E-Bike

Should I take my own bike on tour?

On all transalp tours we recommend taking your own mountain bike. A crossing of the Alps is most comfortably and safely with familiar material.

Can I rent a mountain bike?

You cannot rent a mountain bike through us. However, we will gladly give you tips and information about bike stores at the starting point of your tour. At all our events and TRAILCamps MTB's can also be rented on-site.

Which pedals / shoes do I need?

You can participate with clipless pedals or with flat pedals. The essential thing is that you are familiar with the pedal system and that you have suitable shoes with you.

Which brakes are the best?

Every transalp, the brakes are particularly challenged. Therefore, they must be very powerful and function reliably. That is why we recommend tried and tested disc brakes, especially for tours from Level 2. The larger the disc, the more safety potential. Very important are suitable spare brake pads on the tour. Please be sure to get them beforehand. Disc brakes are mandatory on the E-MTB Transalp tours. For long E-MTB descents very large brake discs have proved to be successful.

Which kind of tires do you recommend?

The basic rule is: the wider, the safer. We also recommend for our easier tours as wide as possible lugged tires such as "Thunder Burt" or "Nobby Nic" from Schwalbe. From level 2-3 "Fat Albert" or "Eddy Current". A marathon tire, or semi-slick tire is not recommended on tours from level 2. Important: Start with a tread as good as new. Please also remember 2 spare tubes for your wheel size (26, 27.5 or 29).


What should I look for when choosing bike clothing?

Today, modern functional clothing masters all requirements. Cotton T-shirts or heavy textile backpacks are unsuitable on a mountain bike tour. Consider practical accessories such as arm warmers and leg warmers. Also, a long glove can never hurt on an alpine crossing. You can find a detailed checklist in advance in our customer login. Rainwear is absolutely mandatory! We recommend rainwear from the company: LÖFFLER.


What should I eat on the tour?

Questions about proper nutrition cannot be answered with just a few lines. Nevertheless, we give a few nutrition tips for the great adventure. But stay relaxed about it. We are no top athletes chasing records. If you eat a sensible and balanced diet, you can manage any tour. However, it makes it easier to get over the mountain, if you follow a few nutrition tips.

Basically, you need lots of carbohydrates and few fats. It is advisable to begin the diet a few days before the start of the trip. Eat ripe bananas, rice pudding, pasta, potatoes or sweet yogurt. Less good are too many fibers such as whole meal bread and fruit. These aid digestion and therefore draw blood from the muscles. However, still better than too fatty food.

Can I drink the tap water?

Usually, the water in the Alpine region has the best drinking quality. This is also true in northern Italy. If you are not sure, ask your guide along the way.

I am vegetarian/vegan, is there special food for me?

If you are vegetarian or have any other food intolerances, please let us know when booking. Hence, we can communicate in time with the hotels, and it will not be an issue to get a proper dish any time during your trip. If you are vegan, please let us know as well. However, please note that we cannot guarantee vegan meals in all hotels and restaurants. As far as it is possible for our partners, you will meet your dietary needs.

Deraillour hanger

Do I have to take a deraillour hanger?

The derailleur hanger prevents the frame to break in a fall, but unfortunately breaks itself in two. Since each derailleur hanger is different, it is inevitable in the day's luggage. If present, it is then replaced in minutes and the tour can continue. Without a replacement derailleur hanger, the tour can be over.

Spare parts

Do I have to take spare parts for my bike?

With the travel documents you will receive checklists for spare parts, tools and equipment. All things you should have in your luggage.

Driving technique / tempo

Do I have to be an allrounder in riding technique?

A crossing of the Alps is a physical challenge and requires, depending on the individual performance level, a certain level of condition, fitness and of course riding technique. Therefore, you should choose a tour that fits you in terms of riding technique and fitness. If you are not sure which tour to choose, we will be happy to advise you.

What is the speed of the tours?

The pace is always set by the slowest participant in the group. No one should overexert themselves during a transalp. Races are unwanted. Nevertheless, the tour guide sets a speed adapted to the performance level and decides on the number and length of stops. Especially on tours in higher levels (3-4) the consideration for everyone, and the general safety is very important. We also try to stick to our schedule. Therefore, please assess your ability correctly and choose a tour that suits you. Not the date, or a destination should determine the tour you are going to book, but your ability. Call us, we will be happy to advise you.

Photo stops

Is there enough time for photo stops along the way?

On the way you will have breathtakingly beautiful views of mountains, peaks, valleys, meadows and forests. The extraordinary adventure of a transalp on the bike should definitely be captured photographically. Thereby, you can rely on the advice of our guide. He will know the most spectacular views.


Who will take care of the luggage during the tour?

You don't have to worry about anything! The luggage transport service is for us the key to more bike fun and therefore a matter of course on all transalp tours. You simply hand in your luggage to the tour guide in the morning before departure. In the evening, when you arrive at the hotel, your luggage is already there. Biking without luggage absolutely increases the riding fun and reduces the risk of falling enormously. So why do without it?

How should I pack my luggage?

Please place your luggage in a soft-sided suitcase or travel bag with a maximum weight of 20 kg, as space and loading area in the luggage vehicle are limited. Please note that luggage over 20 kg will not be transported by our luggage transport companies.


Are there any health requirements?

A crossing of the Alps puts an outstanding strain on the body. To be able to participate in our bike tours, you should be in the best of health. Infections and seemingly harmless sport injuries should be completely cured before starting the tour. If you are not sure, please consult a doctor before you start your transalp. Please inform us in advance of any previous illnesses (heart, etc.) and medications, which your guide should be aware of.


Who are the guides?

An international team of trained and experienced guides will take care of you on the journey. With more than 31 years of experience as a specialized tour operator, we stand up for each and every one of them. As long-time employees, as bikers and guides with passion, they bring motivation and a lot of enthusiasm for their work. For your safety, they all have basic first aid training and practical bike repair knowledge.


How big are the groups?

Our groups with 8 -15 participants (level 4 tours with 8 - 13 participants) make a flexible, individual arrangement of the tours possible and are a good opportunity to meet nice and like-minded new people.

How old are the participants?

The age of our guests is very diverse. Our oldest participant has mastered an alpine crossing even at the age of 79. Age is therefore not a yardstick. Nevertheless, most of the ALPS guests are between 30 and 60 years old.

Hotel / Accommodation

Where will I be accommodated?

In the careful selection of hotels, we pay attention not only to typical atmosphere and local cuisine, but also to the fact that bikers are welcome. Our hotels are in the upper star range, often with sauna or wellness area.

I travel alone and have booked in ½ double room

In this case we will try to find a room partner of the same sex. If we do not find a suitable room partner for you until 7 days before the tour start, the room will become a single room for you and the single supplement will apply.

How will my bike be stored in the hotel?

In the hotels we can lock our bikes in a separate room or in a bike garage. We recommend that you bring a bike lock to secure the bike individually.

Credit cards

Can I pay the tour by credit card?

Unfortunately no! Our price calculation does not include commission payments to credit institutions. However, some credit institutions still offer you comprehensive insurance coverage on your trip or in case of cancellation. Another option is to pay via PayPal, which costs an additional amount of 3.1 % of the travel price.

Customer login

What is the customer login?

With the travel confirmation you will receive your personal access data for our internet forum. Here you will find the detailed daily itineraries as well as informative cultural guides as PDF. In addition, you will find specific information about the booked trip, such as the equipment list, nutrition and training tips as PDF. In order to fully use this service, your computer must be able to receive cookies.

Performance level

What are the levels?
How do the performance levels differ?

We offer pleasant tours in level 1-2 and level 2, as well as technically and conditionally demanding tours from level 2-3, 3 and 4. For the exact level description have a look at our level check under the tab levels on our homepage.

Book online

After the second step I do not get further

To use the ONLINE BOOKING function, your computer must be able to receive cookies. To do this, click in the Explorer page under the buttons View - Privacy Report - Settings - Sites - Address (enter - Allow. Now the cookies are allowed for our website and the booking should work.

Does the application need to be printed?

In order to book a tour bindingly, we need a signed registration. Either print out the registration form, sign it and send it scanned by e-mail, by fax or by mail to ALPS. Alternatively, you can add a digital signature to the form and send it directly to us by mail.

Travel insurance

Can I purchase a trip cancellation insurance through ALPS?

You can take out travel cancellation insurance from ALLIANZ TRAVEL via our website under INFOS - Travel Insurance.

Do I need insurance at all?

Basically, we recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance and foreign health insurance. With sport trips it can always happen that you injure yourself shortly before the trip.


I need to cancel the tour. How do I do that?

Declare the cancellation of the booked trip in writing, by mail, fax or also by e-mail. You will then receive a cancellation confirmation from us as well as an invoice for any cancellation fees already incurred. The scale of fees can be found in our terms and conditions. Payment of the cancellation invoice is due immediately upon receipt.

I would like to withdraw from the trip and have already taken out travel cancellation insurance

Declare the cancellation of the booked trip in writing. You will then receive a cancellation invoice from us, together with the cancellation confirmation. Payment of the cancellation invoice is due immediately upon receipt. Subsequently, you can submit this cancellation invoice to the travel insurance company for reimbursement of the costs.


How do I behave in an environmentally conscious manner?

Please take your environmental awareness with you on vacation. We do not want to leave garbage where regular garbage disposal is not possible, especially high in the mountains. Water is also short in some countries, and you should therefore use it wisely. As a guest abroad, please remember to respect the customs and traditions of your hosts. Mountain bikers are often confronted with the prejudice of environmental destruction because they supposedly ride cross-country away from any paths and trails. Help to ensure that these prejudices are not confirmed.

Accident risk

What happens if I have an accident?

Accidents can happen in any sport, including mountainbiking. Please clarify in advance to what extent you are insured, and whether your insurance also covers an early return transport or possible rescue costs. Please inform your guide in advance about possible allergic reactions in case of an accident (bee sting etc.).


What is the ideal Transalp preparation?

With the help of our customer login, you will get access to all checklists and also to our preparation tips.