Important Information – please read carefully!

Inform yourself precisely!

Even though the topic „Transalp“ is well known, the mountains itself didn’t lose any of their challenge. Almost all our tours lead into alpine areas, which challenge humans and the equipment. You and your bike have to be prepared. That’s why we like to stress: don’t make your decision solely dependent on whether the date fits your vacation plans. We recommend every experienced biker to start with an easier tour. Not only the meters in altitude are important, also the trail conditions and the necessary technical skills. Especially our level 2-3 and Partner-Mixed-Tours can differ from each other distinctly. Please inform yourself precisely and do not hesitate to call us for any further advice.

Impressions total

To evaluate the demand of each tour exactly we provide various information to all routes. Please take a closer look at the Tour Booklet. It describes every day’s route, as well as the required technical skills. Our Impressions

Thank you for your Understanding

Tourism in the alps is increasing rapidly. Like never bevor, many people spent their leisure time in the mountains. Unfortunately, this rush has its downside for our travel business. Many hotels avoid taking guests for only one night. That’s why we have to make concessions, and in exceptional cases we have to agree to accommodations in different hotels. Furthermore, we only have a limited availability of 3 single rooms. Exceptionally, the single rooms can be accommodated in a suite, with separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Some tours include one overnight stay in a hut with shared rooms. Single rooms are not available. Please understand that, without these compromises we would need to cancel the tour at all which would be a pity for everyone.

Travel Insurance

Do not forget to take out travel insurance at
The booking is only legally binding when you receive a written travel confirmation/invoice from us by e-mail. Cancellation fees may apply from this point onwards in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. Travel insurance may cover the costs of no-shows, trip interruption or property damage.

Our Guides

In special cases your guides might lead a regular mountainbike or trekkingbike group with an E-Bike due to safety reasons.

Bike Insurance

Please take note: your bike is not insured against theft and transport damage. You can cover your bike at our partner hepster. Here you will find all information: Bike Insurance Information

Traveling in times of Covid

The pandemic years of 2020-2022 showed us that sport and outdoor exercises are the ideal recipe to clear your mind and get away from the daily routine. Despite all uncertainties, we are full of confidence for the new season of 2022. If any changes will be necessary (e.g., overnight stay in a hut is not possible) we will inform all participants ahead. We assume, that all tours will take place and we know that our distinct hygiene concept will let us travel safely. In case of tour cancellation (e.g., travel warning in the tour region) all money will be paid back. Otherwise, cancellation fees will arise (according to our terms and conditions). Please note that short-term/unexpected changes regarding the entry regulations are possible (e.g., mandatory testing for unvaccinated people). These conditions are no reason for cancelation free of charge.