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Alpine cross by mountain bike or trekking bike

Spending your holiday with the mountain bike or trekking bike. On our easier tours you can enjoy the riding experience without being unable to cope the riding techniques. Routes far from the traffic, always allow some time for excursions. For those that see their bike as a piece of sports equipment and who are looking for a personal challenge, we offer our mountain bike tours. Just follow our experienced guides. They will show you hidden single tracks, teach you riding techniques and guide you to our comfortable hotels.

Alpine crossings or bike events?

Beside our alpine crossing-tours we offer bike events, which become more and more popular. A variety of tours start right in front of a permanent hotel. This saves you packing your suitcase every day. Each morning you can decide whether you prefer a challenging tour or if you want to join a more relaxed group. Our events are ideally suited for friends and couples, who want to spend their biking-holidays together but with varying levels.