Level 2 | Intermediate biking

Just the right tours for mountain bikers who enjoy cycling, but don't want to be overwhelmed by too difficult terrain. Also perfect for everyone as an introduction to alpine mountain biking. Regular breaks to take pictures are scheduled.

Kondition: Daily routes of up to 1000 m elevation gain and 80 km.

Fahrtechnik: Though your mountain bike is familiar to you, riding over tricky roots or difficult rock passages isn't one of your passions. You prefer biking at a moderate pace on dirt roads and quiet asphalt roads. But short trail sections are also welcome.

Level 3 | Biking for the ambitious

These tours are designed for the avid mountain biker who wants to experience the perfect day on his or her bike without getting lost in extreme terrain.

Kondition: Daily routes of up to 1600 meters elevation gain on sometimes rough trails. Regular mountain biking riding is a given. A certain amount of Transalp training is required.

Fahrtechnik: Your know your mountain bike as sports equipment. Not in extreme terrain, but you're fine with riding on narrow paths and root paths. Small steps and sometimes pushing your bike for a short stretch aren't a problem.

Level 4 | Biking for experts

Only for experienced mountain bikers. Good riding skills and good physical condition are prerequisites. On long climbs, strength must be employed in an optimal manner. Tricky downhills require full concentration. Full suspension and disc brakes are recommended here.

Kondition: Regular mountain bike training is a part of how you spend your free time. Daily routes of up to 2000 m elevation gain on MTB terrain are familiar. Sections where the bike has to be carried are possible.

Fahrtechnik: Riding over small steps and root sections is part of your standard repertoire and is welcome. You view difficult trail passages as an interesting challenge. You should have sure footing in mountain terrain. You enjoy fast as well as technical downhills.